Monday, September 27, 2010

Chicken Soup

Some days, when the air holds a crisp feel to it (unlike today), the only proper thing to make for dinner is a soup.
I don't generally have a recipe for soup..I mostly just pour, chop, and season until I think it looks cool and seems to smell the house up right nice.

For this soup, I started with my biggest pot and dumped in 2 containers of organic chicken stock. Then I shredded some leftover chicken into the pot, peeled a handful of carrots that have stored quite well so far ( I picked them out of our garden months ago!), added around 4 washed but not peeled potatoes cubed pretty small, and some good old fashioned celery.

After all that started to simmer, it needed a bit of salt and a healthy portion of pepper. I had some fresh parsley in my fridge so I chopped some of that up for the soup, too.
Be creative and use what you have on hand. Some bell peppers would have been amazing had I some!

Simmer everything until the potatoes and carrots are nice and soft. Taste it and see if it's needing any extra seasoning and serve with Glenda's Brown Bread.

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