Why Plant Based Diet/Vegan

If you are curious about what a plant based diet is and what it demands, the best two resources I can send you to are these websites.

Craig's choice for eating this way isn't because he wants to save all the animals, or feels that it's immoral to eat animals, or even that it's revolting. It is simply for his health. 

For years, he has had digestive issues when eating typical junk food, drive thru, gas station fare. Eliminating those made a difference, but his problems still didn't go away. We then took out all refined sugars and processed foods. Once again, he went through a period of feeling pretty good, but not completely well. 

Then, in August '12 new symptoms started up. Realizing that now, his diet consisted of "healthful" foods like grilled chicken, salads, raw oatmeal, etc, there was no cause that we could find for his symptoms. He had issues like constant heartburn no medication or home remedy would solve, an always starving feeling even after eating good portions of food, terrible stomach aches and cramping, and other symptoms. He then went to the doctor.

What we found, in plain speak, was that all the years of acid reflux he had been dealing with untreated had caused damage to the lining of his stomach. No matter what he was eating, his stomach wasn't able to properly digest the foods. So, by eating complex foods (macronutrients) such as meats, he was putting a very heavy job on an already compromised digestive system leaving him with aforementioned symptoms. 

It was then that we discovered plant based diet to help heal a stomach. Forks over Knives and Engine 2 Diet are two very informative resources for helping us figure out this new path. While I don't entirely agree with everything stated in these two resources, the truth shines. It is very simple for a body to utilize micro nutrients. Vegetables. Fruits. Legumes. Seeds. And believe it or not, it is very possible to get all the right nutrients, protein included, eating plant based.

It was my concern that Craig would be lagging, sluggish, drop weight like crazy, and be overall unhealthy by eating this way. After all, eating meat is the only lifestyle I've known. Then, in my research, I found countless MMA fighters, pro athletes, and regular people alike not only thriving but exceeding in their health, endurance, and energy by eating this way. PHEW! I was nervous that my husband was going to shrivel up into a tiny little prune and waste away.

The proof is in the improvement. Since eating this way, my husband is a new man. He never complains of pain. He doesn't feel starving. He sleeps better because of no heartburn. He has more energy because it's not all going to digesting complex foods. He is MUCH happier with his health all around. That alone makes my heart fairly burst with happiness!

As a whole, the kids and I aren't going to go entirely plant based, but all snacks and two meals a day will be. Raw oats with heaps of fruit and almonds drizzled in honey for breakfast, hearty vegetable stew for lunch, what could be wrong with that? 

And so, there is my story. So begins a brand new journey for us and A Little Healthier! 

With Love and a few photos of us and our darling littles :-)

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  1. The book Gut & Psychology Syndrome is a great book that explores why people are having issues with food! It's very fascinating & makes complete sense. I recommend it!