Monday, September 27, 2010


I don't like candy. I limit my kids' refined sugar intake as much as possible. (Unless, of course, they're at some random youth weekend that has a buffet of suckers, licorice, etc..but that's a different story..)

One thing about this family is both Craig and Aerro are prone to strep. Strep=bacteria. Bacteria loves sugar. Therefore, by cutting out almost all refined sugars, you starve the strep bacteria making it less likely to take over.

Now. My kids, like most, enjoy sweets. Once upon a time I came across a youtube video on how to make healthy vitamin candies. I usually blend up smoothies for my kids and add their powdered vitamins to that, but this way, if they didn't want a smoothie, they got their vitamins in a "candy".

Bulk Herb Store sells this daily herba-smoothie blend. I recommend it to seriously everyone! Like I said, we use it in our morning smoothies as a vitamin supplement and also, now, in these little candy balls. It doesn't have an offensive flavor and the little's don't need much of it in a day, anyway.

So. On to the "recipe".
This is another non-measured one. What you need, though, is...

Raw Honey (I get mine from Azure Standard)
Or Raw Agave if the child is under a year
Almond or Peanut butter (or a mix of both)
Flaked Coconut
Cocoa powder
Bee pollen ( can get at most health food stores)
Flax Meal
Sesame Seed, finely ground
Herbal Powder (optional, of course)

I start with a big glob of the honey (agave), and butters and start to sprinkle in spoonfuls of everything else. Limit the cocoa powder, though, as it's potent. Same for the herbal powder. No more then 2 tbsp per cup of honey/butter. If your mix is too sticky, add dry ingredients. Too dry, add some more honey/agave.

Form into teaspoon size balls and roll in powdered sugar just to coat.
These keep in the refrigerator indefinitely. I let the kids have no more then 2 a day.
Sure, they're no snickers or anything, but they're also a whole ton better for you! And no, they aren't even disgusting, either. =)

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