Sunday, June 26, 2011

PB&J Roll-ups

These are neither revolutionary nor gourmet but they are portable and hand-held, quick and healthy. Kid-friendly, too! That makes them winners around here. Easy to prep and they refrigerate for a couple days & still taste good. With summer upon us, we go to the park on average 3 times a week and always in the morning/afternoon. Packed lunches are a must and these are perfect for bringing! I just made up this week's portion of them. I thought I'd share!

PBJ Roll-ups

100% whole wheat tortillas
peanut butter
jam/jelly/fruit puree/spread
finely diced apple

I like to spread mine like this, rolling them up starting with the jam side. The peanut butter "seals" the roll shut.

All rolled up and ready to go!

Avoni likes hers cut up. Aerro likes his in rolls. 

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  1. those look like my kids would be thrilled to eat them.