Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lip Balm

Ok. I must admit when my father presented me with The Book Of Honey, my heart skipped a few beats. 

He commented that not too many people would get excited over that particular book but he knew I'd love it so he had to get it for me. He knows me so well!
I'm going to have SO much fun making all the recipes and concoctions in there! This was recipe one out of 40. Stay tuned because I'm going to be making up some pretty cool stuff. I had this made in literally 5 minutes. So. COOL!!! This lip balm isn't sticky or greasy and it sets very nicely. I poured it into mini muffin liners. Time to get some salve tins for sure!

Lip Balm

1 tablespoon beeswax pellets
2 tablespoons coconut oil
5 drops essential oil (I used orange, but I have a thing for batch will be lemon chamomile! or peppermint...or maybe lavender...)
1 capsule vitamin e oil

Put beeswax, oil, and essential oil in a pint canning jar. Place jar in a pot of warm water that's level comes up your jar half way. Heat on medium/high until all is melted. You will probably need to use a hot pad to hold the jar once the water starts to simmer.  Do Not Ever heat beeswax over direct heat or in microwave as it is very flammable. Once melted, remove jar from pot and stir in the vitamin e oil. Pour into tins or molds. Cool. 
The end! I love it and I am very picky about my lip balm!! 

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