Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Favorite Tea

I have an obsession with tea. I am always mixing and finding new combination to love.

This tea obsession began with my herb obsession. I discovered Bulk Herb Store and fell in deep like. I've used yarrow to break a fever, chamomile and lemon balm to help ease restlessness, dandelion and alfalfa to relieve water retention, comfrey to soothe bee stings, spearmint to soothe morning sickness, on and on.

Lately, I've been downing red raspberry tea with alfalfa and orange peel mixed in. The raspberry strengthens the uterus and prepares it for delivery. Alfalfa helps to keep water retention at bay. Orange peel just tastes plain good. =)

My favorite place to spend the paycheck is at the herb store. I've quite the collection now and it's SO much fun blending! Today, the pot held anise, clove, raspberry, elderberry, rose hips, and two cinnamon sticks. Add a dash of vanilla and it tastes like fall!

I love researching herbs and am fully convinced that they do help ailments. I've linked my top fav herbs to their pages on what they're good for. Have a read! In the meantime, begin mixing! Fresh, loose leaf tea tastes so much better then store bought bagged tea!

Some of what's in my herb cupboard.=)

Red Raspberry Leaf
Chamomile Flowers
Cinnamon Stick
Orange Peel
Rose Hips
Lemon Grass
Spearmint Leaf

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