Friday, May 24, 2013

Chia Jam

I don't think I've ever been happier about a recipe in my life.
 Jam making for me usually consist of washing and topping berries, pureeing them, measuring them out, adding sugar, boiling pectin, stirring until arm falls off, ladling into containers, and freezing. All in all, a lengthy process, done batch by batch.
This recipe? Pretty much couldn't be easier! Of course I was skeptical at first that the jam wouldn't set but it DID! Perfectly! I could tip the container upside down and the jam didn't budge. That, my friend, spells success in my books! 
The only downside, of course, is seedy jam. Not a downside for US, but I know some people don't like their jam that way. This recipe isn't for those people. Me? I couldn't care less. I have a freezer filled with awesome jam and my family loves it! 

Chia Jam, base recipe

1 cup pureed berries
1 Tbsp chia seeds
sweetener to taste

I washed and capped the berries, put them in my blender with some honey, dumped the pureed berries into a large container, kept this up until I had three containers filled with 10 cups pureed berries, each, added 10 Tbsp chia per container, stirred well, stored in fridge overnight for it to gel, and that's it. In the morning, I portioned it out into containers and put 'em all in the freezer. I just took my second container out of the freezer the other day and it thawed beautifully. Perfect jam! 


  1. Wellll, I did just buy some strawberries without a good reason... I think I'll have some strawberry jam for breakfast!

    1. Did you like it Kaia??

    2. I liked the strawberry but quickly realized I almost never use jam! I also had tried blueberry, which turned brown quickly (like a couple hours) in the fridge, so I ate that with a spoon.

  2. yay! another great recipe! we tried the chia pudding and love it! looking forward to trying the jam!

    1. Awesome, Clarissa!! Glad to hear!