Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lavender Lemonade

I had the most amazing Lavender Lemonade @ a local bistro/ cupcake shop last night. I knew I had to go home and attempt to recreate it. I was going out on a limb in trying it and I am SO glad I did! It was pure fabulous. So here's my recreation of the recipe. Pouring it into a frosty glass is of course the optimal way to drink this stuff. =) 

Lavender Lemonade

 3 cups water
1 cup honey
1 tablespoon dried lavender flowers
1 1/4 cup lemon juice
3 cups cold water

Bring 2.5 cups water to boil and add honey. Turn burner off and stir in lavender buds. Put cover on and let steep 20 minutes. Strain mixture and add lemon juice and cold water. Chill and serve over ice or in frosted glasses. 

Ultimate refreshment! 


  1. Have had that before.. it is so yummy!!!

  2. Ok, ok, actually pretty good! Much better than I expected :)