Thursday, September 6, 2012

Monthly Meal Plan

I was asked by some friends to post my monthly meal plan for this month. I've never actually done a meal plan this organized before, but beings I thrive on schedule, I think this'll make life a whole lot easier! Beings I have all my beef, pork, and chicken in my freezer already, it made the cost way lower. This will (hopefully!) feed my family of five with leftovers if I planned it out correctly! many of the recipes are already on my blog.
I borrowed the idea from this amazing woman (link) and while hers is so much more neatly written, mine will work for me ;-). Until I get a chance to type it up in a word program, that is!
This doesn't include side dishes. Say for instance corn is on sale, I'll grill some up...or make a different side if I feel like it. This is mainly the rough idea of what I will make. I also embrace the possibility that I might find something fabulous on Pinterest between now and then that I simply must make. That is where being flexible comes in. 

Monthly Meal Plan

mon tues wed thurs fri sat
muffins/grapes        pancakes/sausage  french toast          yogurt/banana skillet hash        eggs/bacon/waffles
TLC/cheese             frozen yog pops      pretzels/dip            granola bar        apples/ pbutter   100cal snak
ckn tenders/dip       pizza bread           hot dogs/carrots   grilled sandwiches   mac&cheese       quesadilla
taco shells/salad     baked mac/salad   enchilada/salad   scalloped potato/ham   potato chowder   bbq pork

mon tues wed thurs fri sat
pancakes/eggs        oat squares/fruit      yogurt/banana           egg/toast/bacon      french toast       skillet hash
popcorn                   raisins/graham    baked cheese sticks        granola bar          apples/pbutter       100cal snak
grilled cheese/soup   chicken salad   pb/banana sandwiches       pita pizza              snack plate          grilled burrito
meatballs/potato       chicken chili        pulled pork subs            broccoli beef            steak salad     mongolian beef/veg

mon tues wed thurs fri sat
waffles/applesauce pancakes/bacon oatmeal/raisins yogurt/banana french toast eggs on toast/sausage
frozen yog pop pretzels/pbutter popcorn grapes crackers/cheese 100cal snak
ckn tenders/dip/veg grilled cheese baked mac french bread pizza pb honey sandwich (leftovers)
grilled burrito/salad baked ckn/sides mexi stuffed peppers meatball casserole broc/cheese soup (eat out)

mon tues wed thurs fri sat
muffins/fruit oatmeal/fruit pancakes/eggs skillet hash french toast/fruit bfast quiche
frozen yog pop granola bar honey popcorn baked cheese sticks oat cookie apples/cheese
hamburgers pbj/veg ckn tenders pizza bread baked mac taco salad
spaghetti/salad baked ckn wings roast beef/veg bbq chicken/potatoes pita pizza steak/lettuce wraps

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