Thursday, July 12, 2012

Breadless Lunch

So, I know people are all into going grain-free, gluten-free, carb-free, sugar-free, food-free, eating-free, etc.. (humor on the last few, folks) but I believe in all things in moderation. I won't stop eating grains or breads, I may limit the consumption, but I am not an extremest one way or the other! Phew. That being said.....

I actually LIKE not eating bread all the time! I mean, who wouldn't when you can whip up these little bite size pieces of divine?? 

First off. I HIGHLY recommend everyone in the world getting a Marttiini knife. I mean, sure, I'm proud of being a Finn and all, but even if I wasn't, I'd rave on this knife. You want to talk about literally paper thin tomato and cucumber?! My mom just brought it back from the Motherland and gifted it to me. I may never stop cutting up veg again! I sliced two cucumbers and 3 tomatoes..for no real reason. Just because it was FUN! 

So, on to my favorite breadless lunches. They aren't really recipes, per se, but just awesome combinations.

First off, this beauty. 
butter lettuce, soft swiss cheese wedge, cucumber, and tomato

Then, I made these little darlings fairly bursting with flavor! 
cucumber, roasted garlic and red pepper hummus, tomato, and feta cheese

The final one was this..
greek yog chicken salad topped with mozzarella

And, well, with so many little dudes made up, I couldn't help but eat them all. In one sitting. With a very large bottle of sparkling VOSS water..because that's how I roll!

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